Socialize. Bond. Interact.

Our Mission


SOBI House was born out of delight to favor the spirit of partnership with parents and educators to cultivate intentional culture. Coming together for a specific desire of fostering community involvement is one of our priorities.


SOBI House is anchored on the principles of childhood education and development that offers a whole range of bonding opportunities through meaningful programs and courses – in personal or in digital form.


SOBI House is fortunate to have a roster of partner programs and brands that also trusts our ideals in making available their expertise on their marks through encouraging talks and life-saving products and creations.

About SOBI

Welcome to SOBI HOUSE

We believe that there is no perfect method in teaching but being passionate with our goal to appropriately guide each family in our community, we collaborated with intentional providers to curate programs that would present wealthy experiences. Wealthy experiences which will heighten the child’s sense of wonder and will create delight in every parent’s mind which is both paramount to attain their maximum potential in their lives. Lives that will continually seek for natural learning, positive atmosphere, faith nurturing, and not of perfection.

Meet the SOBI House Team

Say Hello to Irene!

As a proactive Mom of three amazing boys, she always finds time to innovate herself to flourish her mindset with ideas that will be helpful in getting along with their current setting and interests. She is an advocate of Early Childhood Education and as an Educator herself, she is knowledgeable with Curriculum Details that makes her in charge with the Program Coordination for SOBI House. Being a Zumbini Specialist, she conducts Zumbini Associate Training and holds regular Zumbini Family and Z-Kids Sessions, both live and online but still manages to oversee their family business. You can never take away her dancing shoes off of her since she got those vigorous moves! Aside from dancing, she also find herself playing ukulele and piano for relaxation and family time. One of her calling is to strengthen Family Education and Community Involvement that is of prime importance for SOBI House to relinquish it’s purpose.

Say Hi to Guia!

Being a homeschooling mom, she dedicates most of her time nurturing her children’s formative years. She is a believer of Charlotte Mason Method which philosophy is known as: Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline and a Life. As her background revolves around architecture, construction and project management, she was the one who led on the SOBI House Design and assisted with the construction phase as well. She is also the mompreneur behind WOAKph which is an online children furniture business that has been helping parents to provide pieces for a positive learning and playing environment. Her mother culture will not be complete without faith journaling, nature painting, living books reading and “once in a blue moon dating” with her husband. Known by the group as a mother who provides wealthy experiences to her own children, she has delightful advocacies that are aligned with the mission of SOBI House that will surely heighten the authenticity of the group as a whole.

Meet Joy!

Being an Aunt is not all sunshine and rainbows but it is truly a gift and a blessing to her as she was able to have this fantastic experiences and close relationship with her niblings like they were her own. As a former Corporate Executive of a well-known company, she worked on SOBI House Marketing Strategies and focused on contract legalities as well as the development of the Company’s Digital Enablers. Born with a venturous mind, she has businesses that was fondly established including her Gentle Bubs that offers a kid-friendly, all natural mosquito repellent soap and other body essentials that acts as a natural defense against the harmful elements from the environment. It’s impossible for her to feel tired in working all day but when it comes to singing and helping people, she can leave all those pending works behind. Being exposed with lots of corporate challenges, the group depends on her in presenting brilliant solutions that helps the group to strategize and envision the plans to achieve the goals creatively.

Introducing Mary!

Her benevolent character makes her a wonderful mother to their three brilliant boys. She’s a pro in giving support to her children’s interest and enjoyment. Having the experience of managing various businesses, SOBI House labelled her as the go-to-person when it comes to Business Technicalities as well as Local Government Compliance and Personnel Resourcing. Being the woman who brought DR. Brown, Fisher Price and other international brands in the local market, she was able to established their own Family Brand known as Bebeta that offers a wide variety of Mom and Baby Essentials which always adapts with modern parenting. Her amusement revolves around meeting and chatting with her circle, out of the country trips and tagging along with her boys. As an Entrepreneur who have numerous connection in the business world, SOBI House was able to expand a Collaborative Setting through her. She wanted to strengthen the Normalize Breastfeeding Campaign and have Nursing Lounges that need not to be in the back house of every establishment.

Know more about Janise!

A supermom of three lovely children - two of which requires special attention and assistance but her will to understand her children led her to find a broader purpose in her motherhood. As a Functional Health and Wellness Coach and an Integrative Nutrition Expert, the team relies on her careful assessment and validation of Product Contents and Components of all suppliers and partners. She founded the Intercon Regenerative Center years ago with the aim of delivering Alternative and Holistic Health Services for Immune Support and Optimization. They are known for their Infrared Sauna, Hyperbaric Oxygen and Red Light Therapy. A full-time bookworm, a part-time crafter and a self-confessed kitchen person who loves making healthy smoothies and gluten free snacks for her family. The team is inspired to have a Non-toxic Beauty and Essential Oils Educator in her personality. She is also an Autism Advocate that makes SOBI House to have the purpose and commitment to educate and care for the challenged group.

What Parents Have to Say