Beats and Steps Arts Academy

Single course: P6,300; Add on course: P5,700
Location : Online

Dance is a superpower. Everybody has it. Dance at Home with us!

Summer Online Dance Classes available schedule:
Start of classes:
June 8 – July 22 (No Classes June 12)

Choose from the following classes:
Blossoming Ballet for 5 years old
Children’s ballet for 6 and above
Baby jazz for 5 years old
Kids Jazz for 6 and above
Baby Hiphop for 5 years old
Kids Hiphop for 6 and above

Tuition Fees for new students:
Single course: P6,300
Add on course: P5,700
12 sessions for twice a week

Beats and Steps Arts Academy, aims to present excellence in dance training by teaching a sound classical foundation in an atmosphere that is both fun and challenging. Our core ballet program is based on the Australian-based Ballet Conservatoire (BC) syllabus. The BC program emphasizes correct placement, dynamics and performing quality which are all qualities inherent in Russia’s Vaganova method of teaching ballet. The program aims to develop in the student a professional attitude which will assist them in the pursuit of a career, either as a professional dancer or dance teacher.

Our Jazz Program focuses on vocabulary of dance steps, technique and movement, as well as preparing routines for performance. As the level progresses, technical skills are achieved by building blocks known as jazz progressions. Students will get to learn lyrical, Broadway, and New York jazz styles.

Hiphop is an energizing form of dance that focuses on self-expression, personal style and improvisation. In addition, students are encouraged to exercise their creativity and experiment with different styles. The goals of kids and teens hiphop classes are to introduce basic moves and lay proper dance foundation. For teens, the fundamentals of hiphop: breaking, locking and popping are learned. Basic b-boying, often called “breakdancing”, is a popular style of hiphop
also included in the program. The dance consists of four primary elements: toprock, downrock, power moves, and freezes.

Duration :12 sessions, twice a week
Start Date :June 8 - July 22 (No Classes June 12)
Start Time :N/A
Instructor : Beats & Steps instructor

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