The Zumbini program is where the science of child development meets the magic of Zumba! It’s a new world of music and movement where little ones 0 to 4 years old can sing, wiggle and grow alongside their parent/companions. Classes are fun, energetic and full of movements set to cool global rhythms, and they stimulate early childhood learning and development from day one. Child-appropriate, grown-up friendly and bursting with Zumba flare, Zumbini classes are where children learn to dance, sing and move using their bodies, rhythmic instruments and scarves.

The mission of the Zumbini program is to introduce music and movement to children at a young age, so that it becomes part of their lifestyle and day-to-day routine. We want families to enjoy singing and dancing together in a fun environment, free from performance anxiety and rich with engaging energy! In a Zumbini class, the parent or companion spends time bonding with their child in a truly fun way that they both enjoy. All children love music and our objective is to nurture that love so that as a child grows and develops, music and movement continue to develop as well.

We’re not inactive listeners. We’re music-makers and music-shakers!